Again and again

as flickering shadows

we pine for those

lost vibes

the fading echoes

in the withering veins

of the kalariyard there

where the roots and hearts

of our fore fathers

lie  as a web of love

under the rotten layers of leaves

that murmurs the epic memoirs

to the mossy  temple walls

the weird peepal tree

between the bowing groves

in that scary northern gloom

where dark beetles

growl and gaze

The oval pond

beneath the wild creepers

where we lie down and give ear

to the clinging hands

and splashing water

of our childhood

Again and again

we search that

feather of love

hidden some where

in the tattered palm leaves

Inhaling  the wistful aroma

of  ghee preserved some where

in our lonely landscapes

and to  run and  grasp

to the non ending desolate field

and watch our fore fathers

exchanging the script of love and trust

with  the setting sun

in the pale horizon

Photo Courtesy : Kaindalam Sree Kalariyal  Bhagavathi Temple

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