Before the mystique silence
Of thy ardour and grandeur
too meagre and meaningless my dreams
That fervently graze in misty pastures
beyond mountains that touch the clouds
Sloping rocks descending
To the scary abysses
Where mind sometimes falters
Life a perilous journey 
of fears and longings
Securing from preying eyes.

Afar the horizon’s beckoning rim
where aspirations melt
With the pain of parting
I know you the shepherd of moments
Wait for me in that shore of peace.

Never aspire for the

mystic vanished dove

like a child he yearns

with a conquering heart

For my existence is

beyond calculations

unable for your dreams

to touch its wings.

My consciousness ferment

with love and wisdom

unique gift of

an ancestral bestowal

entrusted to shower

throughout the planet

Any Bodhisattva or vedic brilliance

too meagre to fathom its depth

A miracle of condensed emotions

I stand with in the notice of

sun’s blazing eyes

can fuse and ash anyone

near with love or hate

Swim in nebulous galaxies

dance in cosmic flames

again sink in Gange’s

foaming lap of concern

I splash and revive

to a virgin spark

My mission beams transcend cosmic rim

igniting the vibes in frozen clouds

while float and fade to eons

bit by bit my shadow

die in your dreams.

Eyes the divine sense, Almighty’ s gift

Click true images of virtues swift

May abstract or concrete in nature dwells

The perpetual depiction when heart speaks

Eyes inhale bliss of love in silence

Words lines epics merge in surveillance

A drop in an eye radiates

emotions of nature that serenades

Eyes give life and color to love’s signals

Sacred channel to converse with the beloved

Store as gems of trust those eternal messages.

Language and culture the celestial seeds

Fruition and fulfillment of dreams and deeds

Ancestral bestowal of genuine love

Fulsome platform for us to thrive.

Priceless provisions we hand over to generations

safe and sure sprout of truth in seasonal alterations

The infinite aura of nature’s lullabies

The wings we aspire for unsung melodies

Ney we forget those roots in gain for self

Then begins the decline of nations and humanity itself

Off and on we know the diyas
floating illuming our gloomy isles.

Of those moments of solitude lost somewhere

behind the blooming dales of spring

Of those shards of clouds shaded
between our autumn sky lines.

Of those words lingered but frozen
beneath the snowing pines leaves

Of those rhymes whispered but deluged in

monsoon s unbridled tears

And the void where dreams and despair vanish

and chirping of a life echoes

I listen you calling my name once more

Life clock

Buoyant sometimes bewildering voyage
within the circumference of the life clock
devoid of a shade to dream.
In the hands of bonds and ties
realizing the prescribed vows
to each point of pleasure and pain
through seething stunning moments
of seconds minutes and hours.
In the end landing down again and again
in the starting point
with no way to escape.

Yogi Sun

The yogi Sun a poet at heart
Ocean depth of celestial lyrics by heart
Rhyming beams to wake her at dawn
Rhythmic blossoms in myriad hues in morn.
Poising her green and blues to thrill
Piercing notes of mid noon rays in quill
Diving down to the simmering mist in west
Securing wish to cascade into her quest
With epic poems that even little stars recite
of the mystic love of Sun to earth ever last.


When you yourself aware of the touch of Yeti
and you align with that omnipresent truth
Fuse and disappear behind
The curtain of woods
Reacquaint with mystic slang of
birds and bees.
Attune those bare lyrics with
the rhythm of rivers and hills.
When the unbridled love stream
down to merge the inner silence
Listen to the throbbing hearts
in marshy shores.
Float and converse 
with the water lives
beneath the creepers.
While the restless wind whispers
alchemy of eternal bliss
Whirl with the wild flowers 
for they pine for the moon.
Lose yourself
In clouds of ages.
Reveal those divine secrets
that once beetles shared.
Cherish the elixir of eternity
in the sacred safeness 
of your mother’s womb.

Sacred womb

Somewhere shuttered behind
the midnight curtain of the virgin forest
where sweet blackberries ferment in

frothy, soil making bed for unseen creatures
When fierce spirits yearn and scream
To free themselves from the sorrowing
destiny of birth and death
Along the sacred hymns of whirling wind
seeking mystic solutions
between the ancient oak trees
While the nesting birds in brim of sleep 
witness in silent prayers
As pure and clear as Crystal drops
Life throb on towards the
Eternal sustenance of mother Earth.