Lead me to the infinite vistas of your genuine vibes
My muse my confidant
Leave me not in confusing scape
With your leanings my moments mellow
Unfold your rainbows in my gloomy skylines
Where I breath through my devouring eyes.

Fortify my dry lands with the bluest lagoons
Where swans of similes and metaphors
swim in alphrodite rhythms
Rectify each of my flaws and foibles
that my inane scribbles be precise and candid.

Convey my words through your prismatic dots
The lens that allow only honest virtues
May it harsh piercing or lacerating
My heart for bearing to flames and drizzles

Be ye my mirror to life’s lyrical land scape
where we often play hide and seek.
Illumine my cloudy thoughts in love’s crystalline beams
Conjoined hearts we soar away pursuing beauty of truth.

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